Become a part of a local web network for Nevada County and Placer County Gold Country.  

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Local Web Networking

1. Free Services Driving Web Traffic -  Any business that serves Nevada County or Placer County can have a Free directory listing with a Free link to their website. 
2. Exposure Our web network currently has 11 separate domains - all working together to promote Nevada County and Placer County Businesses.  In 2017 we had 432,014 visitors to our local web network!   Just go to a major search engine and type in "Nevada County Commerce" to see how well imbedded we are.

Experience-     We have been an online presence since 2004.  The age of a domain is a big factor in determining its value. and effectiveness, because older domains tend to rank better in search engines and are therefore able to provide more exposure. 


Search Engine DatabaseSearch engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's search results. One of our tools to increase your website's ranking in the major search engines is by including your web address in our search engine, which is a search engine that is relevant to Nevada County, Placer County, and the surrounding areas. It is a great local search engine to find what you are looking for.  In addition to being used by our online visitors, the website search database is also indexed by the major search engines. This means your business website gets a refreshed listing in these search engine's by being in our search engine data base.

5. Link Your Website Address-  One of the most effective way to promote your website on the major search engines is to have it directly linked from other websites.  Most search engines today (the ones that matter anyway) work as spiders, crawling links on the internet. In other words, they read web pages, looking for links to other web pages.  The more links they find to a web page the more important that page is considered and overall ranking is improved.  
6 Foothill Bulletin Board-  If your website is linked to our business center you can post an ad for Free on the Foothill Bulletin.  Anyone can advertise their business on the Foothill Bulletin Board for a low fee of just $39 per month if they are not linked to the Business Center.
7. Value Based -  The best news is - the low cost to you.   To link up your business it is just $89 per month.  

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